Free book! With writing in!

Not pictured: MY FACE


You know what’s pretty exciting?  Holding a book that contains stuff you wrote.  Maybe you get used to that after a few books, I don’t know.  Wouldn’t mind finding out, but at the same time, this is pretty awesome.

You know what’s even better?  Holding a book that contains stuff you wrote … and knowing it’s full of EVEN BETTER THINGS.

So while I was at ChicagoTARDIS I got the other contributors present to sign a copy.  And now I’m giving it away!

WHAT: One copy of Chicks Unravel Time autographed by editors Deborah Stanish and LM Myles, cover artist Katy Shuttleworth, and contributers Lynne M Thomas and, um, me.

HOW: Leave a comment to this entry, describing one thing you love about Doctor Who.  For example, “I love Doctor Who because Jo Grant is funny and clever and I think she’s very underrated as a feminist companion,” or, “I love Doctor Who because bow ties are cool.”

WHEN:  I’ll choose and announce the winner next Saturday, a week from now.


  1. I’ll ship anywhere that Australia Post will let me.
  2. Winner will be selected by a random number generator.
  3. Entries that put down some other aspect of the series will be disqualified.  For example, “I love Doctor Who because Amy Pond is useful and clever, not like those other companions,” or, “I love new Doctor Who because it has actual characters instead of screaming women in miniskirts.”  That stuff just makes me a bit cross.
  1. Jo said:

    I love Doctor Who because I am firmly convinced Eleven is Asexual, and yet still find myself being an Ace!Eleven/River Song shipper so hard it makes my heart break. (Also, because I’d really, really like to get my hands on a copy of that book…) 😀

  2. Kath said:

    I love Doctor Who because it’s the eternal portal linking me to my childhood!

  3. Kathleen Jowitt said:

    What I love about Doctor Who is the way that it keeps showing me new ways to look at the universe, and the way that all of them make me love the universe more.

  4. Pat Sumner said:

    I love Doctor Who because the format allows for limitless possibilities, and there always seems to be a way to make it fresh and new.

  5. Izhilzha said:

    I love Doctor Who because it shows me over and over again that the universe is full of wonder… even if you have to fight to preserve that wonder, sometimes.

  6. I love Doctor Who because David Tennant. 🙂 And that whole ‘face of Boe’ thing…gives me shivers.

  7. Laura said:

    I love Dr Who because after 900 years, he’s still capable of personal growth (very slowly…)

  8. I love Doctor Who because it fires imagination across the spectrum, bringing light to all it touches.

    Plus, i wanted to publish this book.

  9. I love Doctor Who for a load of reasons, but perhaps the biggest is how the series can explore such a broad range of concepts–and emotions–in seriously unique ways.

  10. I love Dr Who because it was the seminal Scifi show of my childhood! I’d sit on the floor infront of the TV with my daddy and sing along with the opening music before I could even talk properly! HOW do you sing along to the DR Who theme, you may well ask? Easy, Nangnanag nangnanag NANGNANANG! 2 years old and I called it the Nangnanang show!

  11. Catherine - Sailor Corruscant said:

    I love Doctor Who because I see traces of my own depression in the Doctor, and his ability to go on helps me get out of bed on the really bad days.

    (As much as I’d love the autographed book, I’ve already got the kindle version so I don’t really need it. I just wanted to share in the lovefest.)

  12. Anna said:

    I love Doctor Who because Reasons. (Those reasons may include “because River Song is Awesome.)

  13. Avendya said:

    I love Doctor Who because it is full of awesome ladies being awesome. 😀

  14. I love Doctor Who because it’s timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly awesome. And because it’s bigger on the inside.

  15. Madeline said:

    I love Doctor Who because lately the Doctor wears excellent hats.

  16. Clare said:

    I love Doctor Who because time travel is my favourite thing, followed by unconventional menswear

  17. I love Doctor who because, despite the fact I’ve been watching it since I was 12, and am now 54, it can still engage me, interest me, and teach me things I would have otherwise not known.

  18. Tamlyn said:

    I love Doctor Who because of the history. The Doctor has so much backstory to his character and it all influences him in so many little ways. With each new Doctor it’s built onto a little more. Going back to William Hartnell was a shock for meat first, but then getting to see where that history begins…

    Which I guess is another way of saying it’s a show about a 900 year old character that’s been going on for near 50 years.

  19. James said:

    I love Doctor Who because I started watching it when I was an 8-year old child and Seamus, my son, started then too. It’s a link between us that we both found the same programme at the same age, but 25 years apart. I love it because it’s the only programme I know that could deal with a love story set with 14th century Aztecs, a romance threatened by walking scarecrows, a comedy populated by characters from Greek myth, a morality tale with bug-eyed monsters, a fairy tale with clockwork robots or a pulp horror story with an ancient Chinese god who’s actually an Icelandic war criminal from the far future, while still remaining the same series. I love it because it’s an adventure series where the hero isn’t the one who’s the best killer, but the one with the best brain. There aren’t enough stories like that.

  20. Katie D. said:

    I love Doctor Who because even though the human beings are sometimes (often) the villains, the Doctor continues to love them and be hopeful about them anyway. He has an optimism about human nature that I would love to share.

  21. Maurice said:

    I love Doctor Who because it has big concepts and small character moments, serious drama and absolute crack … and it often has all of these in the SAME EPISODE. And it works!

  22. I love the fact that Doctor Who is so much bigger on the outside–outside the show itself: From the novelisations to the comic strips to the spiritual spin-offs (The Stranger) and hommages (Inspector Spacetime)–to books like this–Doctor Who is an amazing example of something that inhabits a larger world than just the show as broadcast.

    Also Full Circle, which I only know (like so many other Fourth Doctor stories) from the novelisation, and which was pretty affecting in that form.

  23. Skalja said:

    I love Doctor Who because it’s steeped in history and all sorts of nooks and narrative crannies filled with obscure details of continuity, but it’s always refreshing itself and easily accessible to newcomers. Something for everyone!

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