A tale of two Sydneys: P M Newton and Katherine Howell

But first!  A digression! Hashtag: AWW2013 – The Australian Women Writers 2013 Challenge is an attempt to support the work of Australia’s female authors, and to redress the gender imbalance in reviewing. I originally wasn’t going to do it, because I figured I was flat-out just reading an acceptable number of Australian authors of any gender in … Continue reading “A tale of two Sydneys: P M Newton and Katherine Howell”

Books read in February 2013

Firstly, I have a confession to make: Despite my best intentions, I’m having serious time management issues at the moment, not to mention some other stresses like my cat needing part of his tail amputated this week, so I’m not going to worry too much about doing more individual AWW2013 reviews until after June. Yes, … Continue reading “Books read in February 2013”